Stretch ceilings in Berlin

F.I.I. is a professional installer of stretch ceilings.

Since 2006 our company has been leading the way in advanced stretch ceiling technologies and techniques.

F.I.I. Company office is located in Berlin Germany

We are offering our customers a line of products by Clipso, the world’s best stretch ceiling system suppliers. Being a customer-focused company, F.I.I. provides both large and small clients with high quality materials, stunning solutions, perfect customer support service and professional maintenance.

We are interested in a long-term partnership and cooperation with experts in construction and design, like architects, decorators, designers, construction companies. Almost thirteen years of experience at your disposal. We are pleased to implement your non-standard and innovative projects to create truly unique interiors.

Cooperating with us, you will get the complete end-to-end service, including consulting, costing, materials and workmanship warranty, post-warranty service and support, fast installation of ceilings / walls and a range of services related to the photo printing.

We are ready to fulfill every project, no matter the size or complexity, throughout the Deutschland  as well as the European Union. Our low prices for Clipso stretch ceilings and wall coverings will definitely please you. Please contact us by phone +49 151  64 69 76 00 or write an e-mail: for more information or cost of stretch ceilings.

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