Acoustic ceilings

Nowadays it is nearly impossible to find total peace and quiet. Recent scientific researches show that noise pollution can have a negative impact on person’s health, as it leads to stress and discomfort, no matter if it is a public or residential area. Noise pollution greatly affects both person’s performance and productivity and his health.

A good acoustic design will provide a better and comfortable environment in any space. Don’t hesitate to use Clipso experience and knowledge to optimize the acoustics in your working or living area! Properly-designed wall and ceiling coverings serve as noise barriers, so they will definitely create an optimum room acoustic comfort in your rooms.

Clipso: Incredible Acoustic Solution

Manufactured from sound-absorbing material, both Clipso stretch ceiling and wall coverings have acoustic properties. They create optimum room acoustic comfort due to effective sound absorption system. They prevent negative influence of the sound energy produced by computers and other modern appliances, loud sounds and people’s buzzing.

The Principle of Acoustic Sound Absorption

When an acoustic wave encounters the interface of this or that material, the energy is distributed as follows: some amount of the energy is reflected, some quantity is absorbed by the material, while the rest passes through the material.