Clipso Paintings

Clipso Paintings is a new trend in the use of Clipso fabric materials to create, renovate or update contemporary interiors. Clipso Paintings are reproductions of works of art by world famous artists printed on Clipso fabric. Printed pictures with standard or specified dimensions are mounted on a frame, without visible tracks, joins, stitching or seams.

Such a panel, as part of the decor, can be placed in any room and installed on both the floor and the wall. The obvious advantage of such a panel is absolute mobility, providing the ability to move paintings to different rooms and areas. The printed panel is an excellent sound absorber, thereby improving the acoustics in the room. You can find the picture that best meets your expectations or order an individual image with the specified dimensions using “ART-Photobank Clipso”.

Thanks to their beauty, uniqueness and sophistication, Clipso Paintings suit all interior styles, rooms and premises. A contemporary look at the past equally emphasizes or complements an interior style of wide design spectrum – from the luxurious classic style to the restrained modern one.

Our company offers a varied range of qualified services:

  • selection of images to suit all customer’s needs (style, painter, etc.);
  • adjustment of the selected image (if necessary);
  • image editing and formatting;
  • colour options.

Unfortunately, not all existing images and paintings can be used for interior photo printing as some of them have a rather poor quality. Received your request for a certain work of fine art, we offer and employ a high-quality image to be printed without any appreciable loss of quality.

Make REQUEST, indicating the theme or the author of the painting and we will send you the extended “ART-Photobank Clipso” containing high-quality reproductions of world famous artists.

Have the panel printed with a masterpiece and enter another league!