Lighting Stretch Ceiling

Clipso luminous stretch ceilings and walls is a great idea to be implemented and effectively used both in residential and commercial spaces, as they transform an ordinary ceiling into an outstanding light display. It does not matter in which room or functional zone this type of ceiling will be installed. It will equally perform the functions of both the main ceiling and the functions of the lighting design.

The base is a textile fabric from the Clipso 308T collection, allowing 50 % of the light to come through it as a diffused light.

The fabric can be covered with up to 5 m photo printing.

  • It can be used as decorative light, in addition to the main light source.
  • It can serve as the main light source.

Depending on the capacity and quantity of the LED strip you can easily adjust, change and set the comfortable brightness of the ceiling glow using additional “controllers”.

Characterized by high durability and a long service life, LED strips are installed at the back of stretch ceiling. The Clipso stretch system can be partially disassembled and re-assembled, so if the luminous element breaks down, it can be replaced without ordering a new sheet.


We will be happy to provide a free consultation and calculate the cost of your project depending on the reference and your wishes.


Clipso translucent ceilings with photo printing


Clipso stretch walls with photo printing