Clipso stretch walls system is an ultra-modern trend for wall draping in interior design.

This system is rather simple, yet effective. It consists of a fabric or film mounting and tracks. The multiple-use material can be changed any time to update and renovate the style of the room.

Clipso stretch walls come in a range of finishes. So depending on the chosen type of Clipso material, you can get a variety of finishing coatings. No preparation of the wall is required. Besides, it is available in diverse fabric styles or printed images to complement any room decor.

CLIPSO PRINT is printed image that you like. The company offers the possibility to adapt it to the existing dimensions or the shape of the room. Absolutely practical, durable, Clipso fabric allows installing a panel on an unprepared basis, hidind wall defects and creating a wrinkle free surface.


CLIPSO 705 C Farbig (colour fabric) is a bright colour palette of new Clipso materials. A stretch wall can be set up in minutes, regardless of size, without dust and waste. It will definitely transform any room or meet the design goals for any project.

Matte surface of the fabric combined with environmental rating (A +) will surely add warmth and comfort and to any room.

CLIPSO 308 T Transluzent (translucent fabric) is perfectly white coveting providing excellent light diffusion. It is an ideal solution for projects that requires a hidden light source. Such a wall can serve as a main or decorative light source. Translucent covering is the most attractive finish for the outstanding result.



  • Collections (705A 495D) improve the acoustic properties of the room.
  • Fast installation without dust and furniture removing.
  • Light design.
  • Bypassing doorways, windows and other elements.
  • Installation of power sockets, shelves and other wall elements.
  • Serviceable 8 mm-thick surface.
  • Perfectly smooth and wrinkles-free outer and inner corners.
  • Combination with Clipso stretch ceiling.
  • Combination of two or more walls in different planes.
  • Easy-to-clean surface.
  • Possibility to change or replace the covering using the existing tracks.
  • Over 20 million of themed files and images from the world’s best photographers.

Ready-to-use galleries and photo bank to select images to be printed are available