CLIPSO coverings

If you would like to create a unique interior design of living area or working space using eco-friendly innovative material, then Clipso fabric stretch ceilings are for you! They have the main functional abilities of classic ceilings. Besides they can withstand sharp temperature changes. They do not contain any toxic components in conformity with the European and international standards, in hot weather they do not throw any harmful substances out that can hurt you or pollute the atmosphere. The stretch ceilings comply with all European legislation and have the A+ indoor emission rating, confirming the safety of Clipso stretch ceilings.

The combination of main, classic white colour and the matte texture of the textile makes a room feel welcoming, warm and cozy, that’s why stretch ceilings are the ultimate choice for bedrooms, children’s rooms, living rooms, halls, etc.


The fabric ceiling is an excellent solution to solve certain technical problems in new houses and premises. Depending on the width of the sheet, stretch ceilings can be seamed or seamless. The French technology of seamless ceilings (maximum width is 5.1 m) is used to create visually attractive overhead surfaces with just one sheet. The Productions AG system patented by Clipso is installed without heating the room, which in turn eliminates the troublesome sagging of the ceiling in the future.

The warranty period for the ceiling fabric is 10 years. The fabric also has a factory warranty against the effects of UV rays. Ceilings can be installed in unheated areas. The fabric ceilings are extremely practical. They serve for a lifetime and require no maintenance. They can be washed and cleaned with any soapy detergent and a vacuum cleaner. All types of lighting (neon, spotlights, chandelier, etc.) can be installed in the stretch ceiling illuminate your interior space.



The advantages of stretch ceilings

  • Fireproof material according to DIN 4102-1 = B1
  • A + Ecological certificate
  • Matte texture with perfectly white colour
  • Material: High-tech polyester fiber with polyurethane coating
  • PVC, plasticizers, dangerous gases free
  • Great value at a great price
  • Low weight: about 220-240 g / m2 at high values of strength properties
  • Anti-static coating: no dust sticks to stretch ceiling
  • The option of printing images, including individual ones
  • Water, moisture and mildew resistance
  • Old ceilings do not need to be removed
  • Installed without dust and waste
  • Speed and ease of installation
  • Minimum (at least 4 cm) height loss
  • Wide range of materials for all types of premises