Application of stretch ceilings

Being one of the key decorative elements for any room, Clipso fabric stretch ceilings are used to solve the major tasks faced by ceilings. Some fabric collections have improved characteristics and solve tasks that outdated ceiling systems cannot handle. At the same time, they possess undeniable advantages regarding eco-friendliness, fire resistance, ease and speed of installation, durability, practicality and aesthetics.


Houses Innovative solution, acoustic membrane, perfectly flat ceiling in new houses, ceilings in various planes (especially important for a slope ceiling in the mansard), any shape, speed of installation, absence of dust and waste during installation, eco-friendliness, practicality, and functionality.
Flats Affordable price, excellent solution for replacing the old ceiling, installation without heating, absence of dust and waste, minimal loss of room’s height, there is no need to remove the furniture out of the room, speed of installation.
Interior design Option of individual printing images and designs, wall draping, luminous ceilings, rich saturated colours, multi-level ceilings.
Administration buildings Fire safety, practicality, ease and speed of installation, affordable price, contemporary finishing, easy access to infrastructure, service lines and maintenance, installation of any detectors and lighting systems.
Swimming pools Perfectly flat surface of large overhead coverings, impermeable to the water, moisture and mildew resistant, special antimoisture protective coating, speed of installation, warranty.
Studious and home cinemas rooms Perforated sound-absorbing materials, striking aesthetic perfection, wide range of colours and shades, translucent materials, stretch wall system.
Hospitals Innovative anti-bactericidal impregnated fabrics, white colour, matte texture, luminous fabric, practicality, easy maintenance and cleaning.
Schools and nursery schools Fire and environmental safety, durable and practical material, the possibility of thematic prints, the installation of fire detectors and any lighting, safety and injury prevention.
Hotels and restaurants Ultra-modern material possessing diverse functional properties for various areas to stay, acoustic absorber, speed of installation without removing the furniture out, adapting and matching the existing interiors, full certification, easy maintenance, integration of any built-in elements.
Public buildings Fire certification, meeting fire protection standards, ideal, yet simple solution for old overhead surfaces, innovative solution for new buildings and all types of premises, speed of installation not disturbing the employees’ working routine, economy, frame structures providing access to infrastructure and service lines, acoustic sound absorption, temperature resistance.
Kitchens Ease and speed of installation, easy to clean from any type of dirt, integration of any technical systems, ventilation, hoods, replacement of materials in the existing track system.
Shopping malls and sales areas Acoustic membrane, fire safety, diverse solid 3D shapes and structures, concealment of infrastructure and service lines and easy access to maintain them, temperature resistance, interchangeability, and durability.